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Following a mass meeting of the fishermen of Port Erroll and Cruden in 1923, a committee approached Sir John to discuss the need to carry out significant repairs to the harbour. Sir John stated he was prepared to gift the harbour to the fishermen free of any charges if certain financial arrangements were secured to repair the harbour; he would also personally donate £250 towards the costs. A Disposition Deed covering these arrangements and the appointment of Trustees was formally recorded on the 16th July 1924. Situated on the East Coast of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, visitors to Port Erroll Harbour are taken aback by the beauty of its location,the surrounding countryside and the friendliness of the welcome. The present harbour was built with a contribution of £14,000 pounds from William Harry Hay the 19th Earl of Erroll in 1875. In the day there were as many as 180 Fishermen and 68 boats using the facility after its opening. Fishing was and still is the mainstay of the harbour and was instrumental in the growth of the community from a population 200 in 1875 to some 616 in 1912. In 1916, Slains Castle [New Slains], home of the Hays of Erroll since 1597, was sold along with the associated lands and the harbour. The lands and harbour were conveyed to Sir John Reeves Ellerman, the philanthropist and shipping company owner. 
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The latest Harbour Update is available here EMail: [Port Erroll +20 Minutes] The Port Erroll Harbour is a registered Port and a fully operational harbour.  The Port is owned and managed by the Port Erroll Harbour Trust. Port Erroll Harbour Trust  is supported by the Harbour Operations Sub-Committee. Local Community Volunteers also assist with the administration of Harbour affairs. Everyone is working hard to secure, maintain and develop the Harbour for future generations to use and be proud of. The Harbour currently berths 26 vessels including an emergency berth of which 8 are currently used by registered,  working inshore fishing vessels. The vessels fish for mackerel, crabs and lobster. The quality of the catches are such that Crabs and Lobsters are supplied to the UK market and are also sent to Europe and other international destinations. The lack of effective maintenance of the Harbour over the years has resulted in the Port Erroll Harbour Trust having to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for emergency repairs. There is a real need to further develop the infrastructure of the harbour so that it might become self-maintaining and a Port, fit for purpose. The Trustees are committed to managing and operating the Port as indicated in the Guidance of Good Governance of a Trust Port, published by Transport Scotland.  The Trust is also committed to ensuring that the Port is welcoming to all users and a popular visitor - tourist amenity.